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hey hey peeps!! miss me? :D i do miss my blog, very much :DD ..this blog has gotten really rusty. Thank you i got fucking viagra ads in my previous post's comment. fuck you spammers!
well i am very the happy la for the time being, everything went smooth.. study wise, not so smooth hahahaha! XP am starting to hate MIA than ever but loving the peeps there, ...& sporting lecturers........ unlike mr. KepalaBotakKau who's really outdated & thinks he's a smart ass. Go live in the jungle and plant coconut tress ok! and and make friend's with the monkeys!! _|_

i rarely post on my blog but u can follow me on twitter :) & then i'll follow u back! agagaga :p


a very few of the latest pictures

guess who took this picture of us?
It shall remain a secret .. shhhh

yeah we were partying with Black Eyed Peas @sunway lagoon beach

The fireworks were more than just awesome

SO.... peeps, I shall post more later after finals :D chao! <3

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not 100% back yet.

I don't know how many people are there to read my blog but I'm sure I have lesser readers now because this blog is getting smellier, in fact it already has. I am SO fine now!! Before, I ran into some hardships, experiencing some mental retardation o.O", got terrified with some unexpected situations- I got a fright of my life wey! That's what life's all about. But thank God life's getting hell much more beautiful than ever :))) [well I'm still doubting God's existence o.O] tho I was brought up to believe in God & like Mrs. Gitar always remind all P.Moral students "Kita wajib percaya dengan kewujudan Tuhan no matter what". Sorry I let u down, Pn. Gheetha. U can put that blame on me.

It takes an egg to make a hen
It takes a hen to make an egg
There is no end to what I'm saying

Omg this is so true, thanks Jason Mraz for reminding that Life Is So Darn BeautifuL!
another line goes..
It takes some work to make it work
It takes some good to make it hurt
It takes some bad for satisfaction

kan kan??!??!!
HAHAH damn.. I never had enough of him. He really turned me on the other day *daydreaming~*
p/s I would like to suggest YOU to go get Jason Mraz's album or whatever shit as long as his songs, listen deeply into it with some music sensations. And then you'll feel me.

Today is Tuesday I guess. Hohoho and thank you Mr. Postman; I got my result already!! I am quite satisfied with the result & also Mr. Vinod's[my GD lecturer] taste of my artwork. hHehehe.. Sometimes I think it is unfair for others because I only have 1 subject to concentrate for the whole fourth semester!! Quite laid back for that whole 4 months :) Next semester starting next week. And I am going to have another interesting class with my Vinod.

I'm not giving 100% commitment to this blog, but some time someday I'll report to prove that I'm aLive! :) see ya dudes!

*Kickin' some Vodka- cheers ;p*

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we're only human

Yes we are human. In fact we're apes but hell much brainier and good looking... and less P hair o.O"
..I remember when I was young I got a tuition friend who calls me a babun buntut merah, in secondary school another friend calls me monkey. She'll yell at me from far " WOI BABUN BUNTUT MERAH" ..then I'll run to her and twitch her neck and then give her a hard duku on her head. Hell great nicknames yeah? that gave me a second thought of what am I actually.. That's why I got my name tattooed on left ankle to remind ppl my name o.O agaga nah! It ain't the real reason I got ink permanently on my skin..

Whaosh.. today I went to sg wang. reason: to buy tic to watch Jason Mraz live! XD ..among all of those many many peeps I bet some of them I knew but I don't dare to approach them coz I have a very very bad eyesight I might approach the wrong person -.- like I always did and then I'll get a tomatohead, all red.
Well I queued for the counter like an hour earlier before the tickets on sale. The queue length ain't that bad afterall. My legs almost broke into pieces standing for 2 hours before collecting 2 Jason Mraz's tics for RM220 each. Darn reasonable yeah? If its not an early bird price it'll be rm258(also reasonable & affordable). and if anyone of u all are interested, go & get The Pitt Standing and we'll sing/scream & dance on that fucking night probably we'll climb on that fucking stage and hug Mraz too XD
Well u don't have to think twice. He's Jason Mraz weii... He's not a hard rock artist but he'll d-e-f-i-n-i-t-e-l-y rock the stage! I bet we'll have great fun :))))

agagaga I can finally hit the hay well tonight :D
Oh yeah by the way, Happy New Year Blog!! HAHAHA I hope its never too late...

Take care, peeps *hugs & kisses*

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First day..

Today's my first official day in JB ..
staying at Tampoy?Thampoi?Tampoi??
Woots last night got lost at Pasir Gudang pulak ><"
Just had lunch @ Sudanese Food in City Square.. BuRpz!! scuse me.. Damn full.. kehkeh..
MOm said TOnite BBQ at Sentosa? Really?? ^_^
Well see you all who wanna see me there later agaggaa.. Bye..
take care :)

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girls day out!

Venue: Mid Valley

in the bubble ;)


they're in the X'mas mood ^_^


thx uncle photographer, u're a nice man ^_^"

p/s Damn it. I miss u all T_Tv
we all are good yakkers..
come to my place and we yak whole day long.
bring bikinis; swim my place XD
There're some pics not uploaded yet.
Update later :)